If you are looking for timeless, chic, elegant and unique designs, this is the perfect place to visit. Fashion Affair is everything what a modern Indian women wants in her wardrobe. We are a premium western wear brand offering latest fashion for dressed up occasions at an affordable price, be it Dinners, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Celebrations, Graduation, Weddings or Hen party and that too at affordable prices. Make an entrance with us !

Our effort is to give you Quality Designer wear, High on style, without adding weight on your wallet!

What made us start with FASHION AFFAIR ?

Ours came down to the basics – we couldn’t find enough variety of party wear tops and dresses in India. Even if they were available they were not according to our taste or were very expensive. FASHION AFFAIR is a venture to provide timeless, chic, elegant and stylish party wear at affordable prices.

Also the current websites available in India are mostly providing imported Chinese apparel which have size issues and also very expensive compared to their quality. Also there are very few companies providing western wear party dresses and tops which makes the designs very common and who likes to wear the same outfit as the other in a party? And because you won’t find our designs elsewhere , you can be confident your outfit will be just as unique and individual as you.

Why choose Us for  Occasion wear ?

All Designs are Elegant and Timeless and Work seamlessly in all seasons 


We believe every woman is unique and we celebrate them! We know you express yourselves through what you wear. We offer versatile, timeless and quality wear. Our pieces are thoughtfully crafted with functional details and luxury fabrics you’ll fall head over heels in love with. You’ll wear it time and time again because it helps you look and feel so great.


All our merchandise is 100% Made in India


All pieces are made from the finest fabrics and materials and manufactured in India. We sell small, exclusive collections and limited editions.


We are NOT a fast fashion brand


We don’t believe in doing thousands of new styles, copying runway fashion every month, which inevitably ends up compromising on quality and finish. We thoughtfully curate timeless elegant, yet modern pieces that will last forever.


We don’t discount, rather we offer quality at a reasonable price point


We want to offer great products at an affordable price point. We don’t compete with other brands that discount after a high markup to drive purchases. We are intentional about our retail process, we control our costs by stocking limited inventory, making products to order and eliminating retail store costs by direct to consumer. We price our products fairly for the quality, fabrics and fit we offer. We don’t believe in marking up prices 3 times and discounting to lure consumers into purchasing us.


Non Transparent Pieces


For a worry free and comfortable feel, all our products are lined.No need to find that matching inner to wear underneath.


Premium, Luxury fabrics


All our products are made using premium fabrics for that rich luxury you are looking for.


100% money back guarantee


Free shipping on all orders.


Live fast and good support 24/7.